Our Geese


Marsh farm geese are reared on the farm from start to finish. They have a wonderful life here in Bude. By night they live in a traditional pole barn to keep them safe from predators and the mainly awful English weather, but by day, from four weeks old they stroll around the green pastures.

First thing in the morning, the geese are walked to their field. This is done by foot and sometimes the sheepdog and children like to help out too! The free range geese spend their day up in the field and splashing around in the pond. They make friends with the sheep and generally swim and roam around without a care.


The geese are allowed to grow naturally and in a natural, stress free environment. From this it can give peace of mind that the goose has had a wonderful life from mid April right up until Christmas.

The geese are fed on a cereal diet that is additive free. In the last six weeks they are fed on home grown wheat, this is what gives them their exquisite finish. Once they are ready for Christmas, the same traditional methods that are used for the turkeys are also used on the geese. They are dry plucked, hand finished and hung for a set amount of days before being prepared and boxed with a complimentary goose timer ready to be sold. These traditional ways are what sets a Marsh Farm bird above the rest. You can't beat the flavour of a free range hand finished goose!



Our Duck's


Duck is a delicious meat that is even tastier when the bird has been allowed to have a happy life as nature intended. The ducks at Marsh Farm, are brought to them as day old chicks and are specifically chosen for their high meat content without too much fat.

The breed selection is very important because the duck needs to be deliciously mouth watering on arrival to the customer. The ducklings are raised on the farm from then on so they never leave the farm until they are bought as an oven ready duck.


 This is quite something these days because usually meat is moved around for different purposes before it reaches the consumer. The ducks enjoy a natural and healthy lifestyle and are raised in small family orientated groups. They are fed on a clean diet of cereal based food that is free from GM products, artificial additives and antibiotics.

As there are no growth promoters present, the ducks are allowed to grow at their own pace so this allows them to grow to full maturity, therefore creating a tasty and well established delicious flavour to the meat.

**Cut off for ordering is 20th December and these will be due for collection 23/24th December

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