Our Chicken's


The chickens that are produced at Marsh Farm are free range and happy. They have a wonderful life roaming the grassy landscape from day to day.


At night they are shut in their cosy and safe sheds so that all those chicken eating predators are kept well away.

Living on a diet of low density GM free, additive free and antibiotic free food, this guarantees that the chickens are healthy and chemical free ready for consumption. This method also allows the chickens a very natural upbringing as they are reared in small groups. The food that they are fed also ensures that they do not grow unnaturally quick meaning that the meat will reach greater maturity and of course have a better flavour. They are specifically produced so that they live longer than most chickens, so they have a better life.

**Cut off for ordering is 20th December and these will be due for collection 23/24th December

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